Requirements and Application to the Program

A master's degree is not a pre-requisite. The ideal training for an undergraduate would be to major either in Chemistry or Biology and to have a solid background in both of these disciplines with some quantitative training.

A minimum of a four (4) unit undergraduate course in statistics is required. Additional courses of value for toxicologists include the following: calculus, cell biology, genetics, physiology, microbiology, molecular biology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, as well as others.

However, excellent students from all disciplines will be considered for admission, with the opportunity to make up deficiencies during their graduate curriculum.

The Molecular Toxicology IDP admits students to the fall quarter only. The application priority due date for Fall 2016 is December 1, 2015. Applications received after the December 1st deadline may be considered, but will have reduced opportunities for admission, financial support and housing. Applicants must apply through both The UCLA Graduate Division and SOPHAS. For complete application instructions and the list of required materials, review the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health Admission Application Check List and Submission Instructions.

Individuals should contact the Graduate Coordinator of the program for information. Applicants to the program are evaluated on the basis of their academic credentials, including courses taken, grades, GRE score, TOEFL score (if applicable), and interest in a career in toxicology. The program normally admits students at the beginning of the fall quarter. Those who complete their application by the preceding December 1 can be considered for admission to the following fall quarter. Prospective applicants should plan to take the GRE no later than October of the year before admission. International applicants are also required to submit their TOEFL scores.

Correspondence and Information:

Rebecca Greenberg
Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Molecular Toxicology
UCLA Pub Hlth-Envir Hlth Sci
BOX 951772, 56-070 CHS
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1772

The Molecular Toxicology IDP has an NIH (NIEHS) training grant which supports both doctoral students and postdoctoral students in the program.

UCLA was very recently awarded a NSF Center grant in "Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology" ($24 million), which is one of the two such grants awarded in the USA. This grant will provide outstanding opportunities to Mol Tox students working in the area of nanotoxicology.

Financial support to our students comes from the above sources, from the UCLA Graduate Division, from research grants of the faculty, or from short term teaching assistantships.